Leopard and Black Rose Lace Lingerie

Posted At : April 9, 2014 3:44 PM | Posted By : Silvie
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Today I want to share the latest addition to our lingerie collection. A leopard chemise with black rose lace, what a fantastic combination !

I picked this item from the 2014 lingerie catalog provided by Seven til Midnight, a lingerie manufacturer based in the UK, and in the US. They specialize in contemporary designs, fashion forward lingerie and clothes. Their fan base includes Katy Perry, Denise Richards, Kim Kardashian, Tera Patrick, and Naya Rivera from Glee.

Leopard and lace what an excellent combination. The leopard provides a certain edge to the garment, and the black rose lace panel gracing the front and back gives this lingerie piece a sophisticated look with a wild streak.


Leopard prints never seam to go out of style and any woman should have at least one leopard outfit in her closet. Our leopard and black lace collection is perfect not just for leopard lovers. I adore how they integrated the black rose lace panels, and how elegant this combination looks.

Best of all the chemise is available in regular and plus size. The price for this sleep chemise is very reasonable, available under $ 30.00 in standard sizes and 32.95 for the plus size version.

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What Kind of Everyday Lingerie is Right for You

Posted At : September 13, 2013 10:35 AM | Posted By : Silvie
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Lingerie shopping can be a tedious task, it doesn't have to be that way. Know you body and your options, and you will find underwear that suits your body type. Below are a few tips, what to look for when buying lingerie.


The most important about choosing a bra is to know your correct size. Don't guess your bra size. If your bra is not comfortable and flattering you are probably wearing to wrong size. see Video

Underwire Bra:
   A bra with underwire design to provide support and to lift a women's breasts.
Underwire bras are available in soft and hard cup version.
Push Up Bra:
   Push up bras are usually padded and guaranteed add a cup size. It's recommended to select
a bra with removable padding, and you can decide when to use the padding.
Strapless Bra:
   A strapless bra works perfect under a strapless dress or whenever you don't want to show any bra straps.
If you don't feel secure in a strapless bra, select a long line bra.
Demi Bra:
   Demi bras and balconette bras are very similar. Both bras barely cover the nipples.
These bras are designed to push up and to create cleavage.
Shelf Bras:
   A shelf bra or open cup bra supports and elevates the bust, but does not cover the nipples.
Open Tip Bra:
   Open tip or open nipple bras are intriguing, they cover most of the bust and only have a small opening just for the nipples.
In my opinion this is the most intriguing bra.


Most women try to match up their panties with their bras, and often purchase the bra and the matching panty together, this particularly when buying luxury lingerie brands. Of course basic style bras are always easy to co-ordinate with the rest of the outfit.

   Make sure that the thong you buy is no too small, it will be uncomfortable. Buy a low rise thong, otherwise it might come up to high, unless you are wearing high waisted clothing. The best thing about thongs you cannot see a panty-line through your clothes.
   The G-String is a skimpier version of the thong, it takes some getting used to it, and choosing the right size is definitely important.
   Briefs are the classic panties, they offer full front and rear coverage with high cut legs. Highwaist and low waist styles available.
Bikini Panty:
   A bikini panty is similar to a brief but offers less coverage.
   Boyshorts are very comfortable and women love boyshorts. Most boyshort panties cover your rear, but some are cheeky boyshorts, so make sure to check before you buy.
Crotchless Panty:
   Crotchless panties have a crotch opening usually worn for fun and not for practical reasons. Crotchless underwear is available in any of the styles mentioned above.


A camisole or also called cami is a sleeveless undershirt, usually with spaghetti straps, but only covering the upper part of the body down to the waist or hips. Many modern camisoles have a built in bra and are often worn out, especially in warmer countries.


Slips or chemises are often worn under a dress or skirt. Some of the reasons why you might choose to wear a slip are for warmth under a skimpy dress, or to protect you skin from scratchy fabrics such as wool.

Full Slip:
   A full slip covers bust and body and comes in different lengths. Choose a slip with underwire cups and it might not be necessary to wear a bra. A slip or also called a chemise may also be worn as sleepwear.
Half Slip:
   Half slips also come in different lengths and are worn under a skirt. Plain half slips are not as common anymore, but a similar garment the petticoat is still a favorite and often worn under a wide skirt or dress.

Teddies / Bodysuits:

Teddies and bodysuits are very similar. Recently they have become more popular and are often worn together with a high waisted skirt to create a smooth silhouette. Make sure that you buy a teddy with a snap crotch opening.

   A bodysuit covers the torso and the crotch and many bodysuits come with long sleeves. You can wear a bodysuit hidden under your clothes, or you can wear it as a top combined with a skirt or pants. A correct fitting bodysuit will stay in place and not ride up your back.
   Teddies are the sexier version of the bodysuit and are often used as sleepwear. Most teddies feature a low cut back and a thong or string bottom.
   A teddiette comes complete with garters that are usually removable.

There are many other options to get the most out of your under garments. The http://www.leonisa.com/en/shapewear market offers a variety of options. Most of above garments are available as body shapers, designed to create a slimming smooth silhouette.

Above should help to choose your everyday lingerie.

The erotic lingerie market features an array of sexy lingerie and bedroom costumes to entice the opposite sex.

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Halloween Craze - Costume Sale

Posted At : August 1, 2013 7:31 AM | Posted By : Silvie
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Halloween is a very old tradition, it originated in Europe and was brought to Canada in the late 1800 and later to the US. It was always celebrated on the last day of October. People used to believe that all laws of space and time were suspended on Halloween night, and this would allow the spirits to mingle with the living.

Many of our costumes are on sale now. With prices starting at $9.95 you can't go wrong. Don't spend a fortune on a costume you can get for a fraction of the price. Start your Halloween shopping early, since most of the nice cheap costume bargains might be gone in October.

Shop smart ! Selecting a cheap Halloween costume early in the season is the way to go, if you like to shop for smart bargains. Corset style Costumes look fabulous, and will save you money. One costume allows many options, just by adding different accessories. Most people attend several Halloween parties, and our versatile corset options allow them to wear the same costume more than just once. It's easy to convert from one theme to another with our Halloween accessory kits. The best part about choosing a corset costume is that you can wear the corset on many other occasions all year round.

Here are a few examples, how to convert a costume:

An angel costume converts easily into a sexy nurse, a kitty cat, or a fairy costume by choosing the appropriate accessories.

A sexy black police uniform can be converted to a black cat, just by using our cat accessory kit, or by adding a pair of spiderweb stockings, a witch hat and a broom.

A red devil can become a red ridding hood by simply removing and adding other accessories.

Of course the cheapest option is to make your own Halloween outfit. A bodysuit and a pair of black pantyhose will allow you to dress up for Halloween by simply adding a hat, wings, mask, broom or devils fork without spending a fortune. You will find many suitable options for Halloween in our store, e.g. bodystockings, fishnet tops, dresses, and thigh highs.

Our online store carries a lot of cheap Halloween costumes, to help you save money, and to ensure that you will have the best Halloween ever. Of course we also cater to the plus size market and offer Halloween outfits in size up to 4X and some to a size 6X.

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Where to Find Sexy Clothes in Plus Sizes - BBW

Posted At : July 18, 2013 7:34 AM | Posted By : Silvie
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Sexy Clothes in plus sizes are difficult to find. Coco offers her Licious clothing line in sizes up to 3X. She has been working with a fabulous designer out of California and her fashion sense is fabulous, just what the plus size market has been waiting for. Her designs are extraordinary, elegant and sexy all at once and flatter women of all sizes. The fabrics used are durable and of excellent quality to provide support and a smooth silhouette.

Coco a model and actress herself knows how difficult it is to find the right clothes for a voluptuous body. She is married to actor Ice-T, and they have their own TV realty show. She also replaced Holly Madison in the Las Vegas "Peepshow" during her pregnancy. Coco has started her own fashion line in 2009 in conjunction with Hey Baby of California located in Los Angeles. Hey Baby of California is a fashion designer with his own clothing line, and has been in business for over 20 years.

Coco's fashions are made for women of all sizes. She has introduced her plus size clothing line in the fall of 2012, and her plus sizes were an instant hit with our customers. Coco herself is a petite woman with lots of curves in all the right places. Her friends inspired her, to offer her designs in plus sizes. Now curvier women have more options and can find trendy clothing up to a size 3X.

The plus size market is clearly growing, and there is a demand for plus size clothes that are sexy and offer a perfect fit. The Licious collection is a dazzling, unique and fashion forward clothing line designed to wow, and all items are made in the US, and custom made options are available upon request. For more information please contact us

Only the finest high quality fabrics are used to manufacture Coco's fashions. The manufacturer pays great attention to details, and he takes great care and pride in his work. The collection offers outrageous prints, denim, sequins, velvet, lame and much more.

The line includes unique sexy dresses, skirts and tops, denim pants, leggings and bikinis in plus sizes, that women will not be able to shop for in regular department stores. Open back mini dresses, lace overlay, full length evening gowns, club dresses with sequins and beads. All dresses are available in any length upon request.


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How to Look Fabulous in a Strapless Dress

Posted At : June 20, 2013 1:55 PM | Posted By : Silvie
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Strapless dresses look fabulous. It is very important to find a tight fitting dress, preferably with an hourglass shape. A strapless dress looks gorgeous in any length, just make sure you wear the right shoes. Strapless dresses reflect the feminine beauty, therefore you want a shoe that does the same. A short dress looks better worn with high heels. A long dress can be worn either way, with flats or high heels.

Small busted women find it easier to go strapless, they might not even have to wear a bra. Women with bigger busts should always wear a bra, when wearing a strapless dress. It will provide the necessary support they may need. Wearing a bra makes a woman more comfortable, and she doesn't have to worry, that the dress might slip, and that she will expose too much skin. It is also important to find a bra that stays put, some strapless bras have a tendency to slip; a long line bra may be a better choice to wear under a strapless dress.

If you don't want to wear a bra, but you want to make sure that your strapless dress stays in place, try the Hollywood Fashion Tape. It's easy to use, gentle on skin, hypoallergenic, and it leaves no residue. It's also more discreet and fabric-friendly than pesky safety pins.

Always make sure that the dress fits like a glove, you should be able to bend over without your bust falling out. Also check your back and sides for bulges, a tight fitting dress may cause some bulging, which does not look attractive from behind. Women with broad or bony shoulders should stay away from wearing strapless.


Strapless dresses are available in many styles from casual to elegant evening dresses. Choose the right accessories to go with the dress. Hoop earrings and a choker style necklace look great with a strapless dress. A pair of gloves will add a touch of elegance to any evening dress.

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The Difference between a Petticoat and a Tutu

Posted At : June 10, 2013 10:05 AM | Posted By : Silvie
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What 's the difference between a petticoat and a tutu.

Petticoats or pettiskirts vary in length from mid thigh to floor length. Originally the petticoat was designed as an undergarment to wear under a dress or a skirt. The petticoat was not strictly considered underwear. The petticoat is meant to make a skirt or a dress look fuller and to add a fashionable flair, the petticoat was always longer than the dress or skirt worn over it, and you always got a glimpse of the sometimes elaborate adorned petticoat hem. Different fabrics are used to make a petticoat, from light tulle, to soft layers of lace, or stiff crinoline.

Petticoats nowadays are often part of a Halloween costume, or worn with a corset. A corset and a petticoat worn together are also great outfits for waitresses working in a bar bar or a restaurant. Often you see teens and young women wearing these pettiskirts out on the streets.


A tutu is usually quite a bit shorter than a petticoat, and ballerinas at any age have been wearing these multilayer micro minis to perform. Tutus are usually made of several layers of tulle or similar light fabrics. Some tutus are simple and some are very fancy. There are many different styles and shapes of tutus.

The modern tutu comes in a variety of colors, ranging from soft pastels to hot neon colors, and not just worn by ballerina dancers. You can see our tutus at rave parties, in exotic dance establishments and at Halloween parties.


The difference between a petticoat and a tutu is the length, a tutu is a shorter version of the petticoat or pettiskirt.

You might be intrigued by our petticoats and tutus, but how do you wear it best ?

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Make a Splash in Neon Colors

Posted At : May 30, 2013 7:50 AM | Posted By : Silvie
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Neon colors are a big hit and definitely a fashion trend in 2013. You might not feel comfortable to wear a complete neon colored outfit, but you can start by adding a splash of color to your wardrobe, by wearing neon colored shoes, stockings, jewelry, handbags and other accessories. Try some of the new make up colors, bright pink lips, lime green nails, neon pink and purple eye make up. You will see how accessorizing with hot bright colors will instantly perk up your wardrobe.

Neon colors were a big fashion hit back in the 1970's, and have made a big come back as rave wear. The bright hot colors seen at rave parties are cool and hip. Most people wear these neon colors, because they like the way they glow under blacklight.

Now these trendy hot bright colors have made it to the streets and are seen everywhere. If you don't want to wear these colors out, try something for the bedroom, the lingerie designers have bought into this trend, and you can find lingerie sets, teddies

Neon colored clothes used to be mostly paired with black, now you can mix them with many other colors, from pastels to deep colors such as red, blue, green or purple. For casual, sports- and swim wear anything goes, the entire palette of neon colors can be mixed together. Hot pink, lime and yellow what an awesome color combination.

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Fringe Lingerie - A New Fashion Trend

Posted At : May 20, 2013 8:38 AM | Posted By : Silvie
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Fringes are back ! Fringe clothing have been around forever, but have made a big come back now.

The Native Indians have used garments with fringe designs for hundred of years, although not for fashionable reasons, but simply for functionality. Water is easier shed from fringes, and would keep them drier and warmer.

Fringes were a big fashion trend in the 1920's, and the remake of the Gatsby movie has brought back some fashion trends of that era. The 1920's were a very glamorous time as far as fashions go.

The fringe fad made a big comeback in the 1970's. The bohemian hippies wore bell-bottoms, and clothes with fringes and feathers.

Fringe fashions are fabulous and provide a certain glamor to any garment and to the wearer. The look is flattering on any type of body, and makes a women wearing any piece of clothing or accessory with fringes more mysterious.

Fringe fashions in 2013 are bigger than ever. You see fringe bikinis at the beach, sexy dresses on the streets with short front and long fringe back. We started seeing this trend in 2012, but now it looks like this trend is here to stay. Clothing, lingerie and accessories are designed to reflect this retro inspired look. Recently many celebrities have also changed their hairstyle, and wear fringes. The fringe craze is everywhere.

All the lingerie designers have brought this trend back into the bedroom. There are fringe teddies, corsets, garterbelts, bras and panties and sexy dresses. Many in neon colors, great to wear to a Rave party.

Bring some glamor into your bedroom in this super sexy fringe teddy.

This faux leather and sheer mesh corset with faux leather fringes can be worn out with a skirt or a pair of pants.

Something different, our neon pink lingerie set with fringes all over.

Fringe dresses for any occasion, party all night long

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New Location for Feeling USA Lingerie

Posted At : May 3, 2013 8:09 AM | Posted By : Franz
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We have moved our warehouse to 3111 S Valley View Blvd. Unit E-108, Las Vegas NV 89102. S Valley View Blvd, is situated at the cross road of Dessert Inn. For customers who have been shopping at our warehouse in the past, it will be easy to find us, since we've only moved 2 doors down. Yes, we are open to the public a few hours a day. Call us before stopping by, phone 702 966 0207 or 866 576 1782.

We carry over 3'000 items in stock, and if you have something in mind which does not show available from stock on our website, please let us know, and we will order it for you. You should be able to pick it up within approx. 3 - 4 business days. We also carry plus sizes, wedding lingerie, sexy clothes, bikinis and a variety of stockings, bodystockings, babydolls, chemises, bras and corsets.

We are happy to announce that we've hired a new employee, and she will assist you to find the right garment. She is the perfect fit for Feeling USA, and has experience in modeling lingerie, and interaction with customers.

In addition we've added a new page displaying all our lingerie in one section, to make shopping online a breeze.

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International Lingerie Show at the Rio in Las Vegas Spring 2013

Posted At : April 12, 2013 6:06 AM | Posted By : Nan Beer
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I started to work for Feeling USA Inc. 2 weeks ago. I am honored to become apart of this great team.

My first assignment was to visit the lingerie show held at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. I was amazed and filled with excitement to see all the sexy underwear, elegant stockings, leggings, and stylish swimwear.

The new Allure Lingerie collection called "Faux Leather" looks: like leather and feels amazing on bare skin. The prices are outstanding as well.

I usually don't participate during the Halloween season, but I surprised myself by selecting a few outfits I would totally wear this upcoming Halloween season. Halloween will have to wait because summer is knocking at my door, time to bring out the bikinis and summer dresses.

For the summer I spotted some lovely jewelry and sexy crystal body tattoos, sold at definitionsbodyart.com

Seven til Midnight

offered free panty samples, I'm wearing one now and the panty doesn't only look pretty, it also feels very comfortable.

I personally like the Rene Rofe lingerie collection, it's sexy with an elegant touch.

I certainly learned to bring a carry on next time, that I don't have to carry around all the heavy catalogs.

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Happy Easter Lingerie Coupon

Posted At : April 1, 2013 4:52 AM | Posted By : Silvie
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Happy Easter everybody.

Special Offer: Get 20% off on your next purchase, use coupon code 20Easter, and 20% discount will automatically be deducted from your purchase. Coupon applies to all merchandise in our online store, except to our already discounted items.

We've added many new collections from Allure Leather, to Elegant Moments Lingerie as well as the entire DreamGirl collection.

In addition we offer free shipping on all orders over $50.00, and low cost shipping on orders under $50.00, $2.95 only.

Also check our lingerie on sale, which are 60 - 80% off.

Coupon is only valid until end of April.

Happy Easter from the Feeling USA Team.

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Why People Prefer to Wear Vinyl Lingerie Vs. Leather Lingerie

Posted At : March 11, 2013 7:23 AM | Posted By : Silvie
Related Categories: Vinyl Lingerie & Clubwear,Sexy Costumes,Plus Sizes,Lingerie,Fashion,Leather Lingerie,Lingerie Suppliers

Leather and vinyl lingerie has become increasingly popular in recent years. Wearing leather, or vinyl has lost some of it's bad girl image and is totally acceptable to wear out. It used to be that people would only wear such attire to fetish clubs, private parties, or other adult events. Nowadays you see women wearing corsets, dresses, skirts and other garments made of leather to night clubs, Rave parties, concerts and other similar events.


Leather and vinyl have practically nothing to do with one another. Leather is made of animal skin, and vinyl is a synthetic man-made plastic material made from ethylene. There are several reasons why people prefer leather to vinyl. Leather is soft to the touch, smells nice, looks luxurious and expensive. Vinyl, the alternative to leather is well liked, because it has a beautiful shine to it, and it's a lot more affordable than leather and very easy to care for. Vinyl is resistant to moisture and humidity and it is very durable. These are some of the reasons why women decide to buy vinyl instead of leather clothes. Animal right groups are strongly opposed to wearing leather, and that is another reason why people may prefer vinyl.

For people that like the matte look of leather better than the shiny look of vinyl, Allure Lingerie has an entire line of soft touch vinyl lingerie and clothes combined with brocade in various colors and styles for men and women. Needless to say that sizes on leather and vinyl lingerie / clothing range from size small to size 3X. Allure Lingerie and Elegant Moments Lingerie also offer plus sizes for full figure women.

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Do you Love Stockings - Big Sale - Huge Discounts on Hosiery

Posted At : January 21, 2013 7:01 AM | Posted By : Silvie
Related Categories: Plus Sizes,Stockings,Lingerie & Fashion,Pantyhose,Fishnet,Lingerie

Bodystockings are a great way to wear something sexy without breaking the bank. We've just reduced our hosiery prices, and you will find excellent bargains. Many of our bodystockings are also available in plus size.

  Plus Size Stockings

This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on your stocking needs. We've just reduced our hosiery prices. Every day stockings now as low as $2.50. Fancy stockings are now available at very affordable prices.

You may prefer to wear pantyhose

Leggings are still in fashion and are a part of any women's wardrobe

If stockings are not your thing, have a look at our sexy lace socks

Valentines Day is just around the corner. If you are looking for an inexpensive sexy gift, a lace bodystocking, a pair of crotchless pantyhose, or some backseam stockingss are the perfect gift for her.

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Clearance Sale at Feeling USA Lingerie - Happy New Year !

Posted At : December 28, 2012 10:29 AM | Posted By : Silvie
Related Categories: On Sale,Sexy Clothing,High Heel Shoes,Sexy Costumes,Gifts - from Bridal to Valentines,Lingerie,News about FeelingUSA,Corsets Bustiers

Feeling USA Lingerie is holding the biggest clearance sale ever.

We are now offering:

Lingerie for 9.95 only
Corsets for 19.95
Sexy Clothing starting at 9.95
Sexy Costumes starting at 9.95
High Heel Shoes for $5.00

We have drastically reduced our prices and many of our closeout items are now available below cost.

The selection includes sexy lingerie, babydolls, sleepwear, chemises, long gowns, bras, lingerie sets, teddies and robes. Sexy clothing, sexy costumes, mini dresses, long dresses, mini skirts and sexy tops. High heel shoes including pumps, sandals, platform shoes and boots, all available now for $5.00 only.

Prices that will make shopping for lingerie, sexy clothing and costumes affordable and fun. As a matter of fact, our prices are so low, that you cannot afford not to look around. Remember Valentines Day is just a few weeks away, and you might just find the ideal gift for a very low price.

All high quality merchandise now on sale for $9.95 and $19.95.

All items are from famous manufacturers such as Shirley of Hollywood, DreamGirl Lingerie, Allure Leather, Elegant Moments, Seven til Midnight, Leg Avenue and Daisy corsets High Heels from Pleaser USA, Ellie Shoes, and the Highest Heel.

Hurry while supplies last !

If you are looking for a coupon on our regular priced items go to Feeling USA Coupons

Happy New Year from
The Team at Feeling USA Lingerie

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Happy Holiday Coupon, Holiday Lingerie Collection

Posted At : December 3, 2012 7:44 AM | Posted By : Silvie
Related Categories: Christmas Lingerie,Bustiers, Corsets,Lingerie & Fashion,Gifts - from Bridal to Valentines

Our Holiday Lingerie collection is here. Coquette lingerie, Shirley of Hollywood, Dream Girl and many of our suppliers offer quite a selection of exquisite Holiday themed garments.

We've just reduced the prices on our Santa Dresses, get big savings

Shirley of Hollywood Corsets are always big around the Holidays, you can wear them out or in the bedroom, they look great, and compliment any women's outfit, no matter if she chooses to wear it casual with jeans, or for a festive Holiday celebration with a black velvet or satin skirt. There are no limitations if it comes to wear a corset.

The newest offerings are a bra and corset set. Available in 5 different styles. The bra is designed to add 2 cup sizes, it can be worn alone or conveniently hooked on to the corset. The corset also includes a modesty panel to insert in the back if you don't like to show any skin through the lace up back.

Exquisite eye pleasing lingerie. Super cute babydolls, elegant lace chemises. fabulous long gowns, sexy lingerie sets, shelf bras, open bust sets, crotchless panties, and comfortable sleepwear.

Use our Holiday coupon to start saving on your Holiday gifts and purchases.

Read the Press Release on Holiday Celebrations by Feeling USA.

Happy Holidays
Feeling USA, Inc. Lingerie and more....

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Vivace Lingerie Collection - Affordable Gifts for Any Budget

Posted At : November 12, 2012 9:21 AM | Posted By : Silvie
Related Categories: New Arrivals,Lingerie & Fashion,Lingerie,Fashion,Lingerie Suppliers

The new Vivace collection is here. This lingerie line is very affordable and geared towards people on a small budget. It's easy to save money and still look fabulous. No matter if you like to buy several items to wear something different every day, or if you buy one piece for a special occasion, you will save either way. Average price of each item is between $10.00 and $19.00. You see how easy it is to find an affordable gift.

Below are a few of my favorites.

This beautiful mesh lingerie ensemble with pink scallop lace trim includes a sheer cami bra top with spaghetti straps, a crotchless boy short panty and fingerless gloves.

I also like the black and red stripped lingerie set. It looks fabulous and features a string bra that tie in back and neck, a tie side thong and stripped stockings. The string ties will make it easy to adjust to your size.

The Vivace lingerie line also includes a whole range of bodystockings. Fishnet combined with lace, or diamond shaped holes and other variations. Colored bodystockings with unique designs. Romantic lace creations with O-Ring details, Peek a boo bust, various colors, such as bodystockings in black, bright red or white. You will be amazed how fashion forward the new designs are.

Cute inexpensive dresses made of lace, fishnet and opaque fabrics. Theses dresses are perfect to wear with your favorite lingerie, or layered over a tank top.

These skimpy sweet and sexy lingerie pieces will make it easy to buy lingerie on a small budget.

Read our new Press Release

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Sexy Clothing for Plus Size Women, Show Off Your Curves

Posted At : October 22, 2012 9:18 AM | Posted By : Silvie
Related Categories: Men's Underwear,Plus Sizes,Sexy Clothing,New Arrivals,Lingerie & Fashion,Lingerie,Fashion,Lingerie Suppliers

Finally sexy clothing for plus size women. Coco has added plus sizes to her Licious clothing collection. Her line is designed to flatter curvier women. So far the clothes were only available in sizes XS through XL. Now all here garments come in sizes up to 3X.

Sexy Dresses in plus size you don't find in department stores. Fancy mini Dresses with open back, long sleeves, lave overlay, and knee length dresses, as well as full length evening gowns. Club Dresses made of shiny fabrics, sequins, beaded and other unique details. All the dresses are available in any length upon request. You just let us know what length you desire.

Plus size skirts and matching tops. Outfits you can wear on an evening out on the town, and on many other occasions.

If you really like to impress check out the long gowns that will accentuate every curve and look fabulous on full figured women

Denim pants, plus size leggings in sizes up to a 3X that fit just right. Most designers don't offer denim pants in smart sexy styles, and it's not easy for a full figured women to find nice jeans in plus size.

only the highest quality fabrics are used and the workmen ship is impeccable. All items are manufactured in the US, and are custom made available upon request. Licious designs are clothing that show attitude. If you love sexy you will fall in love with Coco's clothing line. Her clothes are made for women with curves, and are proof that women of all sizes can be sexy.

The new line also includes men's wear and lingerie

Read our new Press Release

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Putting on the Glitz - High Heel Shoes

Posted At : October 8, 2012 7:32 AM | Posted By : Silvie
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We have just added a new collection of high heel shoes. Pumps with a mini platform in sizes ranging from size 5 - to size 16. Now it's the perfect time to to wear pumps and give your wardrobe an instant uplift.


Classy Single Sole Pumps that always look elegant and never go out of style.


Our famous Marabou slippers are now also available with a clear stiletto heel.

We know that some of your customers have been looking for high heel pumps in larger sizes.

The Deluxe collection includes fabulous platform sandals with rhinestone vamps and heels, fancy cutout platforms, sexy colors and other details. Platforms are a big trend this season. The collection includes elegant fashion forward platform shoes which are perfect for an evening out on the town.


We've also added some genuine leather and suede high heel sandals and Wedge Heels, that most women find more comfortable and easier to walk in.


Ankle boots covered all over with small and large rhinestones, and mid calf boots with rhinestone heel and rhinestone cuffs.


Read our newest Press Release about Feeling USA
High Heels - Classic Pumps and Platform Shoes by Feeling USA

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Buy Your Halloween Costumes Now - Cheap Halloween Costumes

Posted At : September 28, 2012 7:36 AM | Posted By : Silvie
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Feeling USA has just dropped the prices again on their Halloween Costume selection. Take advantage now, supply want last long on our selection of costumes.

As you can see there are a whole range of different themes available on sale. Sexy schoolgirls, devils, angels, belly dancers, and also many pet themed outfits. Cats, bears, and sexy bunnies. We also carry many pirate costumes, sexy uniforms, such as french maids, police women costumes, wild west and fairy tale characters. For those who like it nostalgic we offer Hippie Girl outfits, Marilyn Monroe dresses and many other options. The prices are way below retail, and you will find guaranteed find a real bargain in our costumes on sale section.

You can also choose from our 2012 costume collection which has been added recently. Many exquisite corset costumes, that offer a great way to buy something you will not only wear once on Halloween. The corsets can be worn all year around and look great with a classy pencil skirt or your favorite jeans. A corset costume is an excellent investment, since it will offer you many chances to wear the corset all by itself, or to convert it to a different costume by adding different accessories.

Corset Costumes

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Lingerie Coupon - Happy Labor Day Weekend

Posted At : August 23, 2012 4:33 PM | Posted By : Silvie
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Happy Labor Day Weekend from Feeling USA ! Coupon Code: 20620blog

Take advantage of our 20% Labor Day Savings coupon. Just enter coupon - 20620blog - on our final check out page and 20% will automatically be deducted from your purchase amount. Coupon expires 9/15. Applies to regular priced items only.

We've extended our Bracli lingerie collection, and we've added new Halloween costumes. All of last years costumes are on sale for a fraction of the original price.

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