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If you want to bare your booty, the sexy clothing you're looking for is hot pants. These "brief" briefs make the most our of your rear view, offering a truly enticing picture to anyone lucky enough to be sneaking a glance at your posterior. Made to fit high and tight, they bare the bottom of the butt cheeks just enough to turn heads, and are the perfect choice for erotic dancing in the bedroom or anywhere else. Our selections here at incorporate all the colors of the rainbow, with many hot pants paired up with a matching top for a stunningly erotic outfit.

Hot pants are usually made to fit like a second skin, which really makes all the wearer's curves stand out for an erotic finished look. A favorite among exotic dancers, these pieces of sexy clothing are also a great choice for anyone looking to rekindle a spark in the bedroom, as the tight, alluring fit is nearly impossible for any partner to resist! Fun "breakaway" options in hot pants, such as tie sides or snaps, make putting on a sexy little show in your own bedroom as easy as reaching into your underwear drawer for your favorite pair.

Hot pants and booty shorts are a great alternative to thongs or other skimpy underwear options a beginner might find uncomfortable or unattractive. Hot pants feel like a mix between traditional full-coverage underwear and a bikini bottom, tight in all the right places without riding up on the hips or cinching on the butt cheeks. Wearers small and large appreciate this unique fit and feel, which can be worn for a few minutes or all day as underwear or underneath other sexy clothing for a special "revealing" to your partner later in the evening. Easy to slip off and on, hot pants can be donned or removed quickly if your interactions start to get a little steamy.

If you'd like to look fun and fierce, hot pants are a piece of sexy clothing that can make your dress up dreams come true. "Wet look" PVC shimmers even in low light, inviting second glances and intimate caresses. Buckles and bright colors pair up for a tempting treat that special someone will be dying to uncover. If you want to show off your derriere, grab a pair of hot pants from our site and try them on - one backwards glance the mirror and you'll be hooked on the way this sexy clothing looks on you!

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