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Sexy costumes are great to express a little naughty creativity, few outfits are as fun as sexy costumes for some role playing. Schoolgirl, French maid, sexy nurse, police, devils and angels are designed to bring some fun, not just on Halloween. Try some roleplay in the bedroom. has an incredible selection of sexy costumes for every desire and occasion, not just for Halloween. The vast selection here includes nods to historical fashions like cowgirls of the wild west and pirate gear that puts an erotic spin on corset-wearing wenches of the high seas, fantastical offerings that can turn any woman into a flirtatious fairy, and even some naughty schoolgirls worth getting detention over. Each sexy costume has details that truly make it noteworthy, from lace trim on French maid getups to tiny little ties on scanty schoolgirl costumes. Designed not only to be alluring but interesting, sexy costumes are also an easy way to get in the running for best costume at the party with little to no work.

Wearers that are slightly curvier than the average girl don't have to worry about missing out on sexy costumes: carries a full range of sizes, including plus sizes that not only fit wider hips and chests, but look flattering while doing so. Shoppers that are 1X, 2X, 3X, and even 4X have choices galore when it comes to sexy costumes - made to fit perfectly without constricting or binding uncomfortably. More than smaller sizes with a little extra fabric thrown in, plus size sexy costumes are cut and formed to fit curves naturally for a pleasant wearing experience.

If a finishing touch is needed to turn great sexy costumes into truly show-stopping outfits, has plenty of sexy, spooky accessories too. From fairy wands to devil pitchforks, the selection here has everything needed to turn a mild sexy halloween costume to a truly wild one. Hats, masks and petticoats will give wearers that extra little edge - be it in costume contests or an effort to catch the eye of that special someone at the party. Make halloween night a memorable one with our sexy costumes, hats, accessories to create your own cheap costume!

Sexy Costumes - Roleplaying